Feeling a sense of impending doom?

In the face of converging and growing crises, civilization is at risk and the planet suffers.

The FAN Initiative provides the science needed to help understand and navigate through the threat of biospheric and societal collapse. A strong response from humanity is required.

The FAN is a resource for the thought leaders and policy influencers who desire to understand the human predicament and lead us through the systemic changes that a compelling future requires.

We believe that by understanding the risk, it is still possible to ameliorate catastrophic collapse; to survive with our humanity intact; and rebuild civilization with principles that will ensure we don’t repeat the errors of the past.

Recently in the FAN

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Stan Cox

What War in Ukraine means for Energy & Money

Nate Hagens, Post Carbon Institute

The Age of Energy Disruption Webinar

François-Xavier Chevallerau, BiophysEco

The Age of Energy Disruptions

François-Xavier Chevallerau, BiophysEco
We have entered the age of global energy disruptions, and the “energy transition” that we are inevitably headed for is unlikely to be the one we expect.


How serious is the threat of collapse? What are the unfolding crises we see?

Read our point of view on collapse, taking a systems perspective approach to the issues and 12 central issues we have identified as critical to our future.


Browse our carefully curated library, which includes the best literature on individual issues, as well as on collapse and building an alternative future.

Our collection of videos includes leaders in the field as well as interviews with those in the FAN Initiative.


How should we react? Why do others react as they do in the face of adversity?

See where you sit on our spectrum of perspectives and explore our credo for how we believe the future should be approached.

Our Mission

The FAN's purpose is to deliver knowledge, build capacities and foster understanding, action and hope amid systemic collapse.


Understanding the nature of the impending crisis from the multiple dimensions that contribute to that situation is essential. It can lead to better choices on how to respond, hopefully in ways that heal the fundamental biophysical and social systems upon which we depend.

Our Vision

The FAN envisions a near future where society:

  • Recognizes the reality and severity of the threat of greater collapse
  • Implements steps to reduce the impact
  • Understands that a fundamentally different way of life allows natural systems to heal, and people to be treated with respect and dignity
  • Is guided by wisdom, courage and justice